Here at HeyLocal we are proud to offer reasonable marketing solutions for all local business, including small businesses on a tight budget.  Because we are a new company, we would like to take this opportunity to further describe our services and product offerings.

Although we are a newly established company we are comprised of a dedicated team of experienced online marketing professionals.  Our experience in the field has driven us to offer products that include a combination of the most essential and effective services for local business, allowing them to compete and gain relevance in the ultra-competitive online environment.

Local Listings Service

At the core of all of our services is Local Business Listings optimization, a vital part of laying the foundation for your business’ online presence.  Each one of our product offerings is based off a local business listing service, which increase in number of directories with package.  Our local business listings services are the most effective way to get your business information published in a vast number online directories.  It will also save you massive amounts of time and effort invested in manually entering your business information over 100 times.  Instead, this call all be done at once, from one central location in the HeyLocal Dashboard.

Getting your business listed in all these directories is important for a number of reasons.  First, it will help potential customers find your business whenever they use one of these directories.  Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, this will increase the likelihood that you are found in the major search engines, (Google, Yahoo, & Bing).  When someone searches for a local business in one of these search engines, one of the biggest factors that comes into play is a business’ number of online references (how many times the business appears in different directories).

Duplicate Suppression

Similarly, one of major factors that tend to negatively affect a company’s online presence, is duplicate or inconsistent listings.  Due to the ways directories gather and publish information, it is often complicated and difficult to manually edit and update your business information, not to mention extremely time consuming.

Unlike many services that do not offer duplicate suppression, our services can quickly and effectively clean up duplicates and inconsistencies in your business info.  Chances are your business has some kind of inconsistency that can fixed through duplicate suppression, and if you’re business has moved, changed names, or phone numbers, this service could be vital to your online success.

Local Landing Page

Another one of our services is Local Landing Page.  A Landing Page is site similar to your website if you already have one, it contains your business info, contact info, photos and other details on
your business.  If you don’t have a website already, our Landing Pages can function as one for you.  If you already have a website, the Landing Page will work in conjunction with that site, providing supplemental visibility and ultimately driving even more traffic your way.  Furthermore, our Local Landing Pages are easily customizable.  This allows you to update information such as summer business hours, special sales or offers, and new photos of your store or product.

Reputation Management Tools

Your online reputation is equally as important as your online presence.  After all, what good does it do if you are being found, if people don’t choose your service due to a negative reputation?  Your online reputation depends greatly on your interaction with customers online.

Because online reputation is so paramount, we have developed a unique set of reputation management tools, to help you gather, monitor, and manage reviews as well as improve your interaction with customers.  Creating and maintaining a positive reputation will help turn potential customers into happy returning customers.  All of this can be done in our handy and easy to use control panel, which once again saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on more important things for your business.

Control Panel

Acpll of our services include and are tied together through the HeyLocal Control Panel.  There are many features of the Control Panel that vary based on the product offering you select.  Most importantly, you can manage your listings all from control panel.  So whenever you need to update your business hours, phone numbers, etc., you can do it in the control panel which will then publish the same information to all the directories included in your service.


The HeyLocal Control Panel is also where you would go to utilize our other powerful services.  You can customize and edit your Local Landing Page, monitor reviews and manage reviews, and more.  You can also see analytical data about your business, allowing you to view your progress online, see trends, and accordingly adjust your marketing strategy.




Our team at HeyLocal has created the Starter package, perfect for the company who is looking to lay the foundation for their online presence.  We will push your business information to over 50 online directories, in-car navigation directories, and mobile navigation directories.

The Starter package will make it possible for your customers to find you online through these directories, and lay down the foundation and traction necessary for future online marketing strategies to succeed.   The HeyLocal Starter package will also provide access to the HeyLocal Control Panel so you can manage your business information in one central location.


The HeyLocal Advanced package includes an even more robust local listing service (100+ directories) as well as our powerful duplicate suppression tool.  This package is perfect for companies who have moved, changed phone numbers, or are experiencing directory inconsistencies and are looking to clean up their online presence.  The conflicting data can not only make it hard for customers to find your business, but will also negatively affect your overall online presence.  However, with the Advanced package, the HeyLocal team will clean up any of these discrepancies and monitor your business information, ensuring that any new information is accurate.


The HeyLocal Pro package takes your listings to the next level. You not only get duplicate suppression capability, and all the listings included in our other packages, but also the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


The package also includes manual Google verification and optimization by a HeyLocal professional. Our Verification Specialists are expertly trained and experienced at overcoming the various obstacles that often arise in the verification process and will work directly with Google on your behalf in order to fully optimize the potential of these listings.


Our biggest and most effective offering is the HeyLocal Elite package.  This package includes all the perks of our smaller packages, plus a Local Landing Page, and our one-of-a-kind Reputation Management Tools.

A combination of the most effective marketing strategies available, the Elite package is for those looking to maximize their online presence while still maintaining a reasonable price.  The combination of services not only lays the foundation for a healthy online presence, but takes it a few steps further with a Local Landing Page to drive traffic and Reputation Management Tools to boost your reputation.