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Local Listings

  • Get Listed in over 100 online directories

  • Manage all of your listings from our easy to use control panel

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What are the benefits of Local Listings?

Our Local Business Listing Services are the fastest and easiest way to get your business information published in over 100 directories online.  Don’t waste your time entering your information over 100 times, let us do that for you!

Being listed in as many directories as possible will not only help potential customers find you when using those directories, but will improve your overall online presence. SEO specialists have long cited the number of viable online references as one of the biggest factors taken into consideration by search engines. So by getting listed in as many directories as possible, you also increase the likelihood of appearing in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing).

Duplicate Suppression

  • Clean up your online Listings

  • Take control of how your business appears online

  • Get rid of duplicated listings

  • Find and correct business Name, Address, Phone number errors

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What is duplicate suppression?

One of the biggest factors that can negatively affect your online presence is citation inconsistency. In other words, if your business is listed in several directories but has varying information (name, phone number, address, hours, etc.) it will hurt your overall online presence.

Attempts to manually correct these inconsistencies can be difficult, time consuming, and are often not successful due to complications of the directories procedures.  However, our powerful suppression tool can quickly clean-up these inconsistencies with incredible efficiency!

If your business has recently changed names, phone number, or moved, this tool could not only be valuable, but vital to your online success!

Local Landing Page

  • Publish your business info, description, contact info and more!

  • Can serve as website if don’t already have one

  • Add custom graphics, videos, and more!

  • Enhanced and Optimized for better visiblity

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What does a Local Landing Page do for me?

A Local Landing Page is a local business profile page that works in conjunction with directory listings to increase your online visibility. We design a custom page for your business that provides additional content and references, ultimately helping you to show up more often in search engines. If you don’t already have a website, the launch page serves as one for you. If you do, we’ll make the launch page look as much like it as possible, and include a link to your website.

Control Panel

  • Manage all of your listings from one central location

  • Access custom analytics for your business

  • Monitor reviews from multiple platforms

  • Edit and customize your Local Landing Page

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What can I do with the HeyLocal Control Panel?

The HeyLocal control panel is what sets us apart from the competition!  You could set all of these services on Autopilot but the Control Panel gives you the ability to the take things to the next level.  From one central location you will be edit or update your business information which will then reach all the directories included in your package, saving hours of your valuable time.  You can also see analytics that will help you track your progress and monitor live views of several different review platforms, helping you stay in contact with your customers and improving your reputation.

Reputation Management Tools

  • Easy to use Review Gathering Tools

  • Monitor incoming reviews from multiple platforms all from your HeyLocal dashboard

  • Bolster your Online Reputation

  • Reward your customers for submitting reviews

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Why do I need Reputation Management Tools?

Customers and businesses both benefit when a business is reviewed online. Customers can make informed decisions based on information from people they trust, and businesses can strengthen their relationship with customers by directly engaging with the people who review their business. However, many happy customers don’t go out of their way to leave a review, which is why we have created a unique set of online tools that aide in the review seeding process.  Our powerful control panel will empower you to easily monitor and interact with customers who leave reviews and entice others to leave real genuine reviews on multiple platforms.

Many companies that are found online fail to convert viewers into customers due to a negative online reputation. Our tools allow you to improve your online reputation, which will bring you more customers, and turn happy customers into returning customers.

Is your business set up for online success?

Like your home, a solid marketing foundation is essential! Having inaccurate data on the internet is like having cracks across the foundation for your home. By having your information accurate across the web, your business will be setup for continued growth online.